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Pete Seeger sings Hamish's 'Freedom Come All Ye' in 1965 *

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The recording (above right) of Pete Seeger singing Hamish Henderson's 'Freedom Come All Ye' is taken from the album 'Live in '65', courtesy and copyright of Appleseed Recordings.

Credits for Sponsume fundraising film:
Photo of Dominic Behan by kind permission of Alison Chapman McLean.
Opening photo of Hamish by Jeffrey Craig ·
Other photos credits: Ian Hamilton Finlay by Robin Gillanders · Jeannie Robertson by Fred Kent/School of Scottish Studies · Hamish in hat, scarf and glasses by Jean Mohr · Older Pete Seeger by Josef Schwarz · Alasdair Gray by Eamonn McCabe · Other photos from School of Scottish Studies/Ian F. MacKenzie/Henderson Archive · Some footage from 'Journey to a Kingdom' by Timothy Neat/Tree of Liberty Films.